Michael Dop is a Moscow-based artist, designer, DJ and music producer. Once he decided to merge his two favorite passions, art and sound, into one creative flow instead of choosing between them.

In 2008, he became one of the founders of the Slowdance art project which has transformed a little idea into the record label, event series focused on conceptual electronic music, and creative community united in a strong belief that constantly changing music determines the perception of life, and shapes people's minds.

In 2018, he founded his personal Finetune live project. Musical poetry where the sounds of modular and classical synthesizers, drum machines, and groove boxes are mixed up, and sometimes are accompanied by his own voice.

Some of his ideas take place in an alternate reality – on the canvas. These contemporary paintings are later being included in space around, while his art messages can be interpreted and rephrased many times creating an endless number of new meanings.

Turning his ideas from imagination to reality and paying attention to every detail, Michael Dop sees art as an exciting way to daydream unexpectedly, while looking at the artwork or listening to music, and travel through many of dreamworlds.

ONICA . 2010
FROGS . 2008
SELECTED WORKS 2010 - 2017
ART CAR . 2018
4D CROSS . 2017
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